H 100

Your dependable business partner.

No matter how tough the conditions, the H-100 delivers 100 percent of the time.
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2.8 L diesel engine (80ps/17kg.m)

H-100 powertrains are tried and true. Day in and day out, these workhorses are designed to work around the clock, seven days a week with a minimum of preventive maintenance requirements.

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Driver seat adjustment system

It allows sliding and reclining to keep you comfortable and relaxed. The lumbar support feature is exclusive to the higher trim model.

The H-100 is a versatile performer, designed to meet a multitude of transport challenges.
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The perfect cabin temperature

The climate control system is certainly a mountain with large, easy-to-use dials, helps to keep the driver and passenger fresh and alert. (Ac is optional).

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Smooth and efficient gear shifting

Exclusive to the naturally-aspirated 2.6  L engine, the 5-speed gearbox is notable for its remarkably smooth and efficient shifting,  exceptional durability an low noise.